Ride Share and Bicycling

Full Belly Farm is located on the banks of Cache Creek
Cache Creek is a beautiful destination for hikers, campers and rafters.  Wading in the creek is one of the featured activities at the Hoes Down, an important plus for bikers given the hot weather in the Capay Valley in October. We invite your bike club to consider organizing a bike ride to the Hoes Down! For more information email
info@hoesdown.org or call 800-791-2110.

Ride your bike to Hoes Down and camp for free on Friday and Saturday nights and pay ½ price admission.  
Plus you can sleep in our car-free camping zone under the shade of the walnut trees!

Hoes Down Ride Share
Reduce your carbon footprint by sharing rides to the Hoes Down Harvest Festival. Our goal is to see a majority of FULL cars coming through our front gate! We often have more people looking for rides than offering rides. Don't be shy!

Visit our
Facebook Page and post the following information:

1. Are you offering a ride or seeking a ride?
2. If you are offering a ride, how many rides can you provide?
3. If you are seeking a ride, how many spots do you need?
4. Where is your departure point?
5. On what day and at what time are you planning to depart for the Hoes Down Festival? (If you aren't sure, that's OK!)
6. On what day and at what time are you planning to return home? (If you aren't sure, that's OK!)
7. Can we give your phone number to other ride share participants? If so, please post your phone number.

We will also have a message board at the Hoes Down (because cell phones don’t work here!) to help set up ride shares to and from Full Belly Farm.

Bike Safety at the Hoes Down
We are thrilled that people bring their bicycles to the Hoes Down - it helps to create such a fun atmosphere. We want to make sure that bike riders INSIDE the Hoes Down are safe, so we have created a new “No Bike” corridor. Bike parking will be available outside the heart of the festival and no bikes are allowed down the road after dusk. Bikes MUST have proper lighting if they are ridden after 6pm.
Help us to make this festival safe and fun for everyone!