Agricultural Workshops

Learn about organic fruit trees, grassfed beef, cow milking, herbs and flowers, pest control, sheep shearing, small farm equipment and more... Some workshops available in Spanish! You do NOT need to pre-register for these workshops. They are included in your admission!

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2017 Workshop Line- Up:
Subject to change

The Straw Bale House Energy efficiency, design, construction, and maintenance. Thomas Nelson, Capay Valley Farm Shop.

Full Belly Farm Tour
Come walk through the farm’s diverse crops with Paul Muller.

Soil Building Get your hands dirty with Amigo Bob as he digs around and talks dirt-y.

Goat Milking: Very Dairy! Meet the udder side of our goat, Sweet Pea. Dru Rivers and Becca von Trapp, Full Belly Farm.

Seed Saving 101
A practical workshop for saving your own seeds. Harald Hoven, Rudolf Steiner College.

Native Pollinator Field Walk Discover who they are, where they live, and what they are pollinating! Neal Williams, UCD Entomology.

Inspired Cooking with Farm-Fresh Join Chef Gabriela Camara of San Francisco's renowned Cala Restaurant on how to cook creatively using farm-fresh ingredients. Gabriela Camara, Cala Restaurant.

Chicken and the Egg Come learn about how to keep pastured chickens. All ages welcome! Rye and Becca Muller, Full Belly Farm.

Full Belly Farm Tour with Andrew Brait and Hallie Ochoa
Two generations of Full Belly Farmers will lead this tour. Learn from the two different perspectives – it’ll be lively!

A Hunt for Bugs that Help the Farm Adventure around the farm with your hand bug net catching insects and discovering more about them. Neal Williams, UCD Entomology.

Biodynamics Compost Making
Hands- on demonstration constructing a compost pile using Biodynamic preparations and techniques. Harald Hoven, Rudolf Steiner College.

Exploring Native Plants & Farm Edges
Join local conservation specialists on a walking tour of Full Belly's "wild edges". Learn what the farm does to improve wildlife habitat and ecosystem services alongside food production. Check out California native hedgerows, pollinator plantings and restoration on Cache Creek. Heather Nichols, Yolo County Resource Conservation District,

Grand Glorious Grapes (And How to Grow Them) With a little care and attention, this ancient fruit produces prolifically. Get a hands-on lesson in basic pruning, thinning, and care. Steve Matthiasson, Matthiasson Wines.

Small Farm Equipment Tour with Tim Mueller and Andrew Brait
Pick through the boneyard with a local farmer who can yak away until the cows come home.

Starting to Farm The heart of any farm is passion. Discus the in and outs of starting to farm with Libby Batzel from Beet Generation and Wayne James from Tierra Vegetables. They will share how they are putting passion, creativity and endurance into growing a farm.

Raising Goats: A Live Demonstration!
No doubt about it – goats are fun! A live demo of basic goat care and husbandry. Say cheese! Cathy Suematsu, Spreadwing Farm.

All About Local Grains Learn from two farmers about locally-grown, heritage grain varieties and the flour they produce. Varietal, fresh milled, whole grain flour differs from commercially produced flour and you'll fall in love with it! David Kaisel & Mai Nguyen, Capay Mills & CA Grain Campaign

Farmers Impacting Climate Through Soil Health What's the big deal about soil and carbon? Take a walk through the fields to learn about soil health under different management practices - and why it matters, and why sustainable agriculture is at the forefront of climate change. Sara Tiffany, Community Alliance for Family Farmers

Following Your Food Dollar When you spend a dollar on food, do you ever wonder where it goes in the food system? Here's your chance to find out! Evan Wiig, Farmers' Guild/CAFF

Urban Farming in Sacramento What does it take to farm within the city limits? Hear from refugee farmers about their experience growing food in West Sacramento and how they deal with everything from metered water to watermelon theft! Sacramento New Roots Farm/International Rescue Committee

Farming as a Cooperative Cooperatives are a great way for a group of people to work together towards a common goal - like running a farm! Hear from two local, cooperative farms, Cloverleaf Farm and Foothill Cooperative Farm, about they got started, and from the CA Center for Cooperative Development on tips for beginning a co-op.

Reading the Fields for Plant Health Join Yolo county's Small Farm Advisor on what to look for to put together a picture of the health and diversity of your farm/garden. You'll learn how to observe and read the field for nutrients, beneficials, pests, and plant health. Margaret Lloyd, UCCE Small Farms Advisor

Birds on the Farm Explore and seek out evidence of the incredible diversity of birds at Full Belly Farm and learn how farmers, gardeners and landowners can create habitat for birds and other beneficials. Corey Shake, Point Blue, Rangeland Watershed Initiative

Full Belly Farm Tour: A Final Walkabout with Paul Muller and Amigo Bob The last tour!

Please make sure to check the program at the Hoes Down for descriptions and a more current schedule!

Photographs by Trav Williams, Broken Banjo Photography